We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of sale of used wooden railway sleepers and eco-energy fuel – pellets.


Wooden reclaimed railway sleepers

One side of our business is direct partnership with PKP(National Railway Company) and companies cooperating in the field of repair and dismantling of railway lines which makes the possibility of recovery of wooden railway sleepers which finished serving their original purpose. Because of the fact that wooden railway sleepers are treated as waste – our company
have all the required permits of Marshal’s Office allowing us to operate in the related field.

Additionally SR Poland possesses protocols from laboratory studies of individual samples from removed/received wooden sleepers stating that the content of dangerous substances does not exceed the legally permitted environmental standards. That allows them to be nicely incorporated into the background of grass, bushes, trees. They are also used to create palisades, paths, walls and many different constructions.

To meet the expectations of our customers each batch of sleepers is segregated into three grades:

It distinguishes itself by lack of any damages. It has all equal angles, which allow for even fit into any plane.
Dimensions: 260cm x 25cm x 15cm
It distinguishes itself by lack of damages. The advantage of this class are rounded sides which allows for a unique architectural effect.
Dimensions: 260cm x 25cm x 15cm
Although these sleepers have some damages they still are well suited for use in other agricultural purposes.
Dimensions: 260cm x 25cm x 15cm

Our experienced, dedicated team maintain steady supervision over proper classification and efficient sorting of the sleepers as well as preparation for the transport.



The other side of our business is the distribution of biomass in the form of pellets, which is based solely on the cooperation with Polish manufacturers to guarantee high quality of our products. Fully controlled technological process as well as the highest standard of the raw material guarantees high, consistent quality.
We have certified laboratory studies for every kind of pellet offered by our company.

Pellet is a fuel granulate with a high-pressure compressed wood waste: sawdust, shavings, wood chips and energy crops or straw.
From year to year is becoming more and more popular as an environmentally friendly form of heating. It is mainly characterized by a lower cost of the energy compared to conventional sources of energy production.

Wood pellet is produced from sawdust, which is compressed under high pressure in the form of granulate without addition of any chemical substances. It is a great, environmental friendly fuel.

Because of its characteristics we can divide wood pellet into two categories:

Premium, in which we can distinguish two classes:

Highest quality pellet, ideally suited for use in households. The ash content does not exceed 0.7% (m/m)(om)
The most recognizable association in this case is DIN plus, which meets the requirements of the European Standard DIN EN 14961-2.
This kind of pellet differs from the A1 mainly by its ash content. The permissible amount in this case must not be higher than 1,5% (m/m)(om).

Grade B

This product is mainly destined to be used by power plants and large institutional clients such as schools, hospitals. The main advantage here is low price in comparison to the resulting effect.

Straw Pellet – It is a strongly pressed product from crop residues. Straw is subjected to a mechanical process of pellet formation without addition of any biding additives. The fuel energy largely consists of a number of volatile causing that the fuel combustion of straw repays with a high heat capacity.